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Polar Skate Co.

Polar Skate Co. is an independent Skateboarding brand based in Malmö, Sweden, by Skater & Artist Pontus Alv.

Polar manufactures a wide range of high-quality & ultra cool Skate & Lifestyle clothing. With their signature clothing line of Big Boys Jeans, 44 Cords, 93! Denim Jeans, Surf Pants, 92! Denim, Big Boys Shorts along with an assortment of T-Shirts, Caps, Beanies, Bags, Socks, sweaters, jackets & pants.

Polar Skate Decks feature custom graphics with both standard & unique shapes. Wheel Wheels are manufactured from high-quality wood. Professionally endorsed decks by Hjalte Halberg - Aaron Herrington - Nick Boserio - Dane Brady - Oskar Rozenberg - David Stenström - Paul Grund - Roman Gonzalez.

Polar’s mission inspires others to inspire themselves. They are paying homage to the iconic 90s, curating functionality with their signature baggy denim line and other trend setting lines.